Our Mission

Our Company Mission is to make a substantive difference in the realization of our clients’ life goals through defining, planning, building, and protecting their and their family’s long-term financial security in a manner that warrants their trust in both our judgment and our care.

To fulfill our mission, we declare and adhere to the following commitments:


We are committed to continually educating ourselves to stay current on new developments affecting our clients, maintaining state-of-the-art productivity for our clients, and gaining ever-expanding knowledge and expertise to benefit our clients.


We are committed to educating our clients about their situation and their alternatives so that they are active and informed participants in the definition and achievement of their financial goals.


We are committed to acting as a fiduciary advisor to our clients, removing as many conflicts between the interests of our clients and ourselves as possible by rejecting all commissions, rebates, or any other compensation that is contingent upon selling a client on a particular course or product. Our only compensation will be what we receive directly from our clients.

Expense Awareness

We are committed to continually striving to find or create cost-effective products and methods of service delivery to reduce the expense to our clients and enhance their net financial results.


We are committed to creating a sense of personal fulfillment and enjoyment in the planning process — for ourselves and our clients — through an attitude of mutual respect, genuine concern, and a diligent sense of humor.