Our Story

Our History

In 1988, Bob Wacker “hung out a shingle” to provide, what was at that time, a unique form of financial service called fee-only financial planning. Over time, Bob grew his firm, R. E. Wacker Associates, Inc., into one of the largest independent investment advisors between Goleta and Monterey (by assets managed and employee count). As part of Bob’s original succession plan, he sold the firm to the parent company of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust in 2008, just before the financial crisis. The team stayed together and continued to serve our clients. Of course, the financial crisis of 2008/2009 brought challenging times for many banks and ultimately SBB&T was acquired by Union Bank. Soon thereafter, Bob and seven equity partners (all employees of the firm) seized the opportunity to purchase the firm back, reestablishing our local ownership and independence. The firm was renamed Wacker Wealth Partners, underscoring our heritage in Bob Wacker, our unflinching focus on comprehensive wealth management, and our partnership with each other and our clients.

The Sextant

To face great unknowns and dangers of the seas, the world’s earliest explorers learned how to navigate by the night sky and were rewarded with new opportunities and discoveries. Of course, new tools were developed to improve their success and in the late 18th century, the sextant emerged as one of the greatest advancements in precision navigation. The sextant allowed voyagers to simultaneously steady their sights on the stars and the distant horizon to safely reach their destinations. Like navigation, financial success relies on knowing where you are, where you want to go, and anticipating and responding to challenges along the way. Like the navigators of old, Wacker Wealth Partners has the experience and wisdom to never lose sight of your destination, helping you skillfully adjust course as changes occur. The sextant, a durable symbol of reliability and achievement, reflects our commitment to guide and partner with you along your unique path to financial success.

Partners with One Another and You

When the advisors came together in 2013 to purchase the firm back from corporate ownership, we changed the name in an effort to convey the concept of partnership. The double meaning of this word is important. As an independent firm with broad ownership, clients can be assured of its sustainability. Our structure is unique for our industry and affords us the ability to remain independent forever, serving our clients’ children and our clients’ children’s children. Furthermore, it describes how we view our clients. We don’t see our engagement as transactional; rather, we see ourselves on the same side of the table as our clients, tackling life’s challenges together.