Bob Priola

Director of Investment Research

Bob serves as the Director of Investment Research and member of the Investment Committee. He grew up in San Diego County, graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Geophysics/Geochemistry, and earned a Masters in Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara. Bob joined the Peace Corps and lived in the Republic of Moldova, before working six years in New York City within the field of environmental commodities. Upon returning to California, Bob entered financial services and worked in a socially responsible investment team at Merrill Lynch. Bob joined Wacker Wealth Partners in 2015, having been attracted to the smaller team-oriented holistic wealth management approach, as well as the ability to focus more acutely on investment research. He has a particular passion for economics, financial education, and markets in general. Bob enjoys living close to downtown but on the weekends can be found exploring the region, nearby beaches, and neighboring communities.

BS, Earth Science, University of California, San Diego

MA, Management & Environmental Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

Surfing, sailing, hiking, scuba diving, travel