Wealth Management

For individuals, we provide Wealth Management Services which includes Investment Management and comprehensive financial planning (retirement planning, insurance and risk management issues, tax & estate issues, college savings, cash flow & debt management, etc.) for each client.

This service is exceptional because it is:


We believe that financial wellness is a lot like physical wellness – the whole body must be healthy and functioning in order to thrive. The healthiest of diets won’t cure a broken arm. This is why we don’t just offer investment advice like so many advisory firms, but rather take a holistic and comprehensive approach to the financial well-being of our clients.


Our process is customized to each client. We don’t just plug a bunch of data in to a software program and hand the client a forty page financial plan. We start out by assessing the current situation, understanding each client’s unique objectives, and then we work towards charting a course that will get the client to where they want to go, putting in place the necessary protections given each client’s situation.


While there are different aspects of personal finance, they are all inter-related. Investments have tax implications. Retirement has insurance implications. Cash flow has estate implications. We don’t prepare taxes, sell insurance, or draft estate documents, but we take it all in to account when we make recommendations to our clients and work with other members of our clients’ team (CPA, Attorney, insurance agent, etc.) to implement the plan.


We don’t just make a plan and hope it works out. In addition to ongoing investment management, we regularly review various aspects of our clients’ financial situation. We are on hand to meet as often as necessary (we recognize that life doesn’t work around a client’s annual review schedule) and want to be of service in all our clients’ financial decisions.


It sounds cliché, but it’s true. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to help people reach their goals while providing peace of mind along the way. It really is why we do what we do.

The Process


We get to know the client – their concerns, hopes, values, expectations, and goals. Upon understanding, we agree together upon the areas of their financial life requiring planning, analysis, or changes.


We gather the necessary documents and information to fully understand the various financial topics of focus. Some clients prefer to upload documents via our secure client portal, while others bring us file boxes from their storage unit. Either way works for us!


Utilizing our in-house experts, external professional resources, other members of a client’s financial team (CPA, attorney, etc.), and some really powerful technology, we analyze and evaluate the client’s situation.


Once our analysis is complete, we provide recommendations and advice, both verbally and in writing.


Upon mutual acceptance of any recommendations or advice, we assist the client with implementing the plan. This often involves the inclusion, once again, of the other members of the client’s financial team along with some persistent follow-up.


We periodically review the client’s progress toward their goals while standing at the ready to help with any financial decision or change that may arise.